Bird Flowers

Bird Flowers
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Pastels

"Prairie Glory"

There is nothing like the drama of Texas skies.
This one is over the prairie country of the Panhandle.
Late dusk. The final triumphant shout.
Pastel is particularly effective at capturing
these subtle nuances of light.
This painting is for sale at Agave Gallery,
in Fredericksburg, TX

"The Cartoonist"
28" x 28"
My great-nephew Kolby, working on his cartoon book,
Alien Invadors, on a rainy summer afternoon. I love the toe,
and the bright red reflection of his ear.
It's all about the light!
This painting is on view in my studio.

"Collected Things"
30" x 24"
Interesting things I collected on a window ledge in my studio
Each afternoon in winter I waited for the shadows. This
image came to life in bits and pieces, adding and taking away
elements, but always preserving the rhythm of the composition.
I had the most fun painting the cicada at the bottom, trying to
get its wings to look transparent. 
This painting is for sale in my studio.

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