Bird Flowers

Bird Flowers
"Bird Flowers" Pastel 30" x 40" Has found a new home!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hi Friends,

I am just starting to build my Blog. I am a novice at this and since I am on "dial-up" it takes those hamsters inside my computer a very long time to make anything happen. Ha! I am hoping to have things going so I can post new ideas and events in my studio in a quicker way than on my website:

Pictured is one of my latest pastel paintings,"BirdFlowers". An example of the rich beauty of the pastel medium. Pastel can be worked very large and very small. Famous for its rich, vibrant color, pastel has been my favorite medium for a long time. I love to paint complicated fabrics and textures, so these iridescent peacock feathers and the paisley drapery were wonderful subjects. I guess this love comes from those years spent as a fashion illustrator long ago.

This painting is available at my studio and you can also visit my art at This lovely gallery is hosted by Marta Stafford. She is welcoming, informed and makes every visitor feel special. Worth the drive. About an hour from Austin, 1-1/2 hrs from Fredericksburg on Hwy 281.

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